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Representative Transactions

  • ANZEA Textiles

    ANZEA Textiles

  • Perfect Score Technologies

    Perfect Score Technologies

  • M&M Merchandisers

    M&M Merchandisers

  • Waters Plumbing, Inc.

    Waters Plumbing, Inc.

  • Andrews Tool Company

    Andrews Tool Company

  • Manske Material Handling

    Manske Material Handling

  • Harvest Supply Company

    Harvest Supply Company

  • Walden\'s Distributing

    Walden's Distributing

  • Fort Worth F&D Head Company

    Fort Worth F&D Head Company

  • Willbanks Steel

    Willbanks Steel

  • Marshall Grain Company

    Marshall Grain Company

  • Dollamur Sport Surfaces

    Dollamur Sport Surfaces

  • Branch Smith Publishing

    Branch Smith Publishing

  • Perkins Plastics

    Perkins Plastics

  • Kimball Energy

    Kimball Energy

  • Bar W Meats

    Bar W Meats

  • Small Fry Originals

    Small Fry Originals

  • Exhibit Dynamics

    Exhibit Dynamics

  • Computer Color Graphix

    Computer Color Graphix

  • Buck\'s Awning

    Buck's Awning

  • Farris POS

    Farris POS

  • Lazart


  • Mug World

    Mug World

  • World Realty

    World Realty

  • TCU Florist

    TCU Florist

  • Sparkler International

    Sparkler International

Making Connections... Creating Results

Kasper & Associates: Merger & Acquisition Firm

Kasper & Associates (K&A) was founded in 1984 to fill a void in the merger and acquisition field which was particularly acute in the Fort Worth/Dallas metropolitan area, as well as in North and Central Texas.  Our function is to sell medium-sized, privately-owned manufacturing, distribution and service businesses, and to assist potential buyers in finding and acquiring such businesses.

Selling prices of such companies range from $700,000 to $35,000,000, with sales revenues from $1,000,000 to $70,000,000. Companies of this size are typically overlooked or simply under-served by Wall Street and are too complex for local business brokers to handle.  However, they are exactly the type companies K&A excels in representing.

K&A provides guidance to sellers regarding such things as current market value of a business, structuring the transaction, sources for asset appraisals, financially qualifying buyers, etc.  We assist buyers regarding sources for financing, preparing a formal offer, etc.

Our firm’s principals and associates have many years of managerial and ownership experience. Such backgrounds provide the foundation for a business brokerage and M&A firm attuned to the needs of today’s business owners.  Since its inception, K&A has facilitated over 350 transactions.

K&A’s merger and acquisition specialists’ skills in manufacturing, wholesale distribution, marketing, sales, personnel, new product development, and M&A activities help greatly in relating well to both business owners and buyers.  Such expertise makes things happen for our clients.

In addition to traditional financial analysis, K&A has the rare ability to detect and evaluate hidden assets and liabilities of a company, such as strengths/weaknesses of key managers, the competitive environment, etc.  This know-how enables K&A to properly determine a company’s market value and negotiate the best deal for both parties in the transaction.

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6410 Southwest Blvd., Suite 224
Fort Worth, TX 76109

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